What students say about us!

 "... I always wanted to learn how to dance Salsa. My sister taught me a little but I wanted to learn the 'right' way. Now I can dance using lots of different patterns that I learned in class. Thanks for everything". Carlos

"... Norm is soooo good in teaching that I learned to dance very well in just few minutes.". Jose

"... Fran really made the ladies look good, sexy and fantastic.".Marla

"... The ladies are impressed of my lead and breath-taking moves. I have no choice but to let them know that the secret is Norm and Fran's outstanding instruction". Mauro

"...Who else in this world can teach like Norm? He thoroughly shows step-by-step both the men and the ladies side and explains excellently to the class the intricacies of leading, following, coordination, rhythm and styling. I went to all dance instructors in the USA and nobody is even close to Norm's teaching ability". Luna

"... Fran motivates, energizes and enrourages the gentlemen very well. Now I'm no longer afraid to learn". Robbie

"My fiancee and I took the Ballroom class before our wedding. At the reception our first dance together looked beautiful. Later our guests told us we were good dancers. I didn't tell them that the secret was Fran's dance class!" Rebecca

 I wanted to start dating again after my divorce. I took your class as a way to meet new people. The dance class people are very friendly and I'm having fun. See you next term." Roger

"Fran and Norm are very patient with new students. I'm a little shy but they made me feel right at home in the dance class. I'll keep taking their class." Patrickď

"Norm and Franís dance classes & dance parties/class outings are more fun than going to any nightclub. Almost all of the dance parties/class outings for Dancematesí dance students welcome studentsí kids, people of all ages, singles and couples. Compare that to a nightclub where you have to pay high prices or fees for the following: valet parking, entrance or cover, coat check, and alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks. In some cases if you are a parent, you have to arrange for expensive child-sitting in advance whenever you go out to a nightclub. For one night stay in a nightclub, you can pay for 6 one-hour fun-filled dance classes and 3 dance parties/class outings. The dance parties/class outings truly give additional value to the dance classes!Ē†††††††† Evangeline

"I knew the basic, but wanted to learn how to do advanced turns. I learned 'awesome' moves and how to be a strong lead. Now I have lots of ladies that want to dance with me. Thanks Norm and Fran!" Rico

"I saw 'Forever Tango' and had to learn how to do it. I enrolled in your class and was surprised how easy it was to learn. Now that I learned the moves, I can concentrate on styling. It's a blast!" Maria

"At first I was hesitant to join the dance classes because I feel it was just inflated marketing and promotion on television and website. I checked Normís dance classes in the City Colleges of Chicago at Truman, Harold Washington and Wright College and he truly have a huge student base. I found this out by calling the Continuing Education of each College. Every time I called, the class is almost closed for registration because the limit of 50 for his Beginner Sizzling Salsa class and limit of 30 for his Swing and Ballroom class is almost reached. Normís manager let me watch one-time one of his classes for the first 20 minutes as a way to relieve my fears and hesitation to attend one of his classes. Surprisingly, the first 20 minutes is enough for me to decide that the class is a great learning and funexperience. Believe it or not, I learned two basic moves including the leading and following for those moves in just 20 minutes.

The next school term I registered both at Truman and Wright College so I get more lesson and practice for the six weeks. Its been twoyears now and Iím still loyally attending his fun-filled dance classes especially the Intermediate/Advanced Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, and Cha-Cha class where I learn new moves and new styling perspective every six week term.

Not only that, He and his business partner at that time, now his wife, Fran has outings once every two to three weeks with all of their dance students across five locations. For me, the outings are great social and practice opportunities.

If I keep hesitating and did not do my research, I will not find Norm, the greatest instructor in the world, right before my eyes!" Valerio

"I went to other instructors prior to NormÖ Those instructors teach too fast and does not care if you learn from their group classes. All those instructors want is to force you to take privates from them since you cannot learn from their fast group lessons. With Norm, you will learn a lot from his group classes because he teachesstep-by-step and takes time with the students, even with a large group (over 36 students). I donít mean he only moves to the instruction if everyone gets it. With Norm, if 60% of the class gets the move (80% for the Beginner classes), that is the time he will move on. If you are the other 40% (20% from the Beginner classes) who did not get the move, in my opinion, it will not hurt if you repeat or reenroll for the same class again and practice more outside of the class. Me personally, I repeated the Beginnerís Salsa/Merengue/Cumbia class twice and now I keep reenrolling and learning different moves every six weeks in his and Franís Intermediate/Advanced Salsa/Merengue/Cumbia/Bachata/Cha-Cha class. In Norm or Franís class you will get your moneyís worth! Believe me! " Ulysses

ďI am an Elementary and High School teacher who have been attending all of his dance classes. Iím impressed with the way Norm handles a big class of over 30 dance students from different backgrounds and ages. When he explains and talks to/with the students, all of them, including me, are concentrated and truly listening to him because he explains concepts very clearly. For me, that is charisma and power! I wish to be like him in teaching!Ē Susan

ď Before I attended Franís classes, I am a man with low self-esteem. After I attended just 2 six-week classes from her, my self-confidence grew leaps and bounds. She really helped men lead better, especially me, and she also helped the women follow the men in a sexy manner. After every class, I realized the improvement that I gained. I become moresmooth leading the ladies (I mean I was uptight in the beginning and leads the ladies jerkily). Now, ladies are asking me to escort and dance with them in the DanceMates outings and most of the time, Iím being asked by the women from the class to meet and dance with me in the nightclubs. Because of this, my confidence grew.Ē George


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