Dancing Etiquette

 Good hygiene is essential! You will soon be taking a friend or stranger in your arms. Create the best impression! Wash, shampoo, shave and comb. Brush your teeth to sweeten your breath. Dancing is intimate and you need to take special care. It sounds elementary, but we're all so busy, sometimes we can look frazzled and not even notice. A light (please not heavy) cologne or after shave is a nice touch to make the embrace special.

 Men, when asking a woman to dance, extend your hand to her. Lead her on the dance floor. After the dance, take her hand and lead her off the dance floor. Do not leave her on the dance floor alone after the dance.

Sometimes when a man ask a woman to dance, the woman shakes her head left to right or right to left(this gesturing is usual especially when the music is too loud). This particular woman is not ready to dance. Move on and ask another woman who will nod her head up-down (this indicates readiness).

Thank each other for dancing together. It's a courtesy to acknowledge your partner. The more considerate you are, the more likely you'll dance together again. We all like to hear that we're appreciated.

 Please don't criticize your dancing partner or correct them on the dance floor. We all learn at different speeds and we need to remain supportive of one another.

 When the dance floor is very crowded, dance in compact steps. Donít do the drops, flips, and lifts (only do this when the floor is not crowded by coming early or do this in contests/competition). Keep your arms from extending out. You don't want to step on anybody or strike a fellow dancer with your arms. Be a good neighbor on the dance floor.

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