Club Tips

Always bring your ID. Many clubs 'card' everyone just to keep minors out. They're not hassling you, they are just trying to protect themselves. If you don't have your ID you may be denied entrance. Some clubs don't accept a Passport as ID. Don't bother to argue with the bouncers at the door. You'll never win. If you forgot your ID, go home and get it.

Don't carry a purse! It's awkward to dance with one. You don't want to leave it unattended while you dance, especially if you move away from your table. Don't burden your friends with watching it, they want to dance too! Instead buy a travel money pouch to wear around your waist or tuck in your top. Only bring your cash, ID, comb and lipstick.

Beware!!! Valet park your car. Many areas in Chicago are potential tow traps. It's cheaper to pay valet, usually $5-$7 than a ticket and tow at $200. Especially in the downtown area nightclub district, street meter parking is disappearing. Also many free street parking spots now have "NO PARKING" or "TOW ZONE" signs; sometimes these signs appear overnight. Your favorite secret parking place might now get you ticketed or towed.

Valet parking is safer for you and your car. Also you won't have to remember where you parked your car. When using valet services take anything of value out of your car before you leave for the club. It's better not to tempt anyone. Thieves are at work while you are at play. They go where there's something to steal no matter what the neighborhood. Invest in a security steering wheel lock even if you have a car alarm; it will discourage car thieves.

As a precaution do not give your house keys to the valet people when you have to valet park. What we do is use a key chain that detaches so you keep the house keys, the valet gets your ignition key.

Lock your glove compartment and don't leave anything valuable in the car. Also, do not leave any personal documents that have your credit card & home address information.

If at all possible, do not bring your coat or purse to the club.  Most clubs require you to check your coat for a fee. Dancing with a purse weighs you down and detracts from the beauty of the dance.

What's your 'Club Tip'? Don't keep it to yourself, we want to know.

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